Author: Dr. Jeff Bassey

Organizations that take people strategies seriously will lead the competition.

Constant alignment of people strategy to business strategy is key to success especially because of.....

• Sharp shifts in core business processes
• Restructuring and diversity with mergers and acquisitions
• Globalization and offshoring
• Intense competition
• Technologies driving human resource processes
• Talent war and increased competition for senior managers, etcetera.

Best practice organizations like Google deploy the Balanced Scorecard in accomplishing this.

Repsol, the global integrated oil and gas company, in order to make People Strategy & Business Strategy work, set up an HR committee at the executive level chaired by the HR Director. The committee is supervised by the Chief Executive Officer as he meets them once every month. This is an indication of executive involvement in HR.

The global CEO of Coca~Cola tasked his Chief Strategist and Chief HR Officer to work closely in aligning Business Strategy with People Strategy to revamp the organization during a business downturn. He said "we have to harness our people, bring in some new managers at senior levels and leverage key people development programs to turn around our dwindling business"

HR works best when Top officers get deeply involved as the organization becomes the ultimate beneficiary.

Companies with strong and effective people strategy have the CEO showing a lot of care for people issues and makes the Chief HR Officer his number one companion.

This was very much demonstrated by Mr. Kweku Awortwi, former CEO of VRA, Neville Isdell, chairman of Coca~Cola, and Dr. Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric.

The GE boss expounded this in one of his statements "if you pick the right people and allow them to spread their wings whiles backing it with the appropriate compensation, you almost don't have to manage them, they will get you all the results and grow the business"