Professional in Human Resources - International - International (PHRi).

is a global credential that certifies entry to mid-level HR professionals. The certification validates professional-level competency, knowledge and skills that help to propel your HR career forward.

Any PHRi certified professional demonstrates mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles in a single international setting.

Course Duration

Total Course Duration is 6 months after which candidate sits for the Global Professional Certification Exam.

Physical Tuition Option:

Saturdays only (9am - 3pm)

Online Tuition Option:

Sundays only (1pm -6pm) — Online lectures only.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in any field with two years working experience
  • Fees is GHC 1400 per month.

Course Modules

Please note that there are 6 modules at each of the certification levels although the content and focus areas vary for the different certifications.

Climbing the corporate ladder can be challenging. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your HR journey, earning an HRCI certification or upSkill micro-credential can accelerate your HR career.